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Free $20 for eBay'ers. For real.

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Ok, I know you all eBay, and you all want an extra $20. This works, I just got mine.

There is a new service called "Unwired Buyer" that will call your cell phone when an eBay auction that you are watching or bidding on gets close to ending. It allows you to enter a PIN and bid on the auction over the phone. They are an eBay partner and they are brand new, trying to get as many users as possible. And for incentive to join, they'll give you $20 in paypal just to try it. It's totally legit, I checked it out myself, tried it, and I just got my $20 today. Since I know a lot of us here buy stuff on eBay regularly, and we all could use an extra $20, here you go.

Also, if you refer friends to the service and they sign up and try the service out and get their $20, you get another $5. It's a pretty cool. I got called today for an auction I totally forgot about. It's all automated, and you can just hang up if you don't want to bid. But the best part is that I just got $20 for nothing. Click this referral link to try it out:

And here is a pic of the $20 transaction that just came in to my account today:

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thats pretty neat... i might have to check it out. any idea how long this promotion will last?
No idea. But I did read that originally they were doing a $10 promotion, and they just upped it to $20.
It just seems fishy. Like they know your info or something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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