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Free manuals

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Yesterday I discovered a web site that gives free manuals for almost every honda/acura. I'm not sure how legal this is, but they do it. The website is, and you have to sign up for an account. I would recommend owning the real manual (real meaning a paper book) for your car, but if you are like me and have a block, head, pistons, and manifold that are all from different cars, and you don't have $300 to drop on FSMs, it can be helpful.
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If you guys need info out of any manuals, I have (own) the FSM for the EF, EG, EK civics, and DC integra. I also have the FSM for an S13 240SX, and the early 90's toyota pickup/4runner.

I also have the FSM for 02 2.5RS/WRX (7 books, $400) and soon will have the FSM for the 04's with the STi supplement.

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:) yeah they are all sittgin on a shelf in my room. in addition I have all the haynes manuals for those cars, for quick reference stuff. I have the haynes manual for mid 90s accords and preludes as well.

The subaru books were by far the most expensive, but also one of the most well written and comprehensive set of books. I was able to split the cost of them with my ex roomate since they covered his 2.5 as well as my girls WRX.

His new STi is different enough, I urged him to buy the books for me so I could work on his car with good knowledge. He is complying.

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