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Freind sent me this decent EF video.... not too bad..

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love how the cars chased one thing done and got it jdm.

music is sweeet!
Makes me wanna bust out some glow sticks! OH YEA...good compilation of pics.
Good music, good pictures, great cars...I love it!
pretty good i enjoyed.
Made me bust out my old mds listening to old trance songs ;p But the camo civic? thats just silly

That black hatch at the end looks like one that was in Milwaukee area. I think it's been sold now tho.

Yup, this car went for $12,000!!! It's a real deal imported JDM EF9. Not a conversion. Beautiful car.
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I love the wheels in that first pic. They match the year of the car brilliantly, while stilling looking modern. The red pinstripe is hot too, but who made that wing? I'm assuming it's the same car in the 2nd pic? I think those red wheels are the wrong decision, and tell that slacker to put his seats up!
LOL I don't know what wing it is. It's a friend of a friend, so I didn't really bug him much. I think the seats are "ghetto" style cause he was taking pics of the interior as well. LOL he doesn't drive like that.

I agree, i like the first wheels best. I love the oldskool JDM wheels.

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Ronal dish wheels. They came on some volkswagens in europe.
Previous owner was a jerkoff, proclaiming "EDM greatness". His holiness didn't know much of anything.

I hate it when good cars like that go to waste on people like that.
That "wing" is a ChargeSpeed wing.I'm an avid EF fan as well as a CRX fan. :D

If it means anything to anyone that guys EF was a kind of inspiration for me getting a EF hatch.I drooled over that full pic and still have it in some folder on my computer.
I would agree with Neil,that car is CLEAN!
You can tell him too Neil! :D
Nice Vid for what its worth though.

Woot! Go trance music... :lol:
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