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Front Bumper lights - please advise

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I'm going to replace the OEM front bumper (turn signal) lights. Are the aftermarket lights any good or should I buy from Honda? I have a 91 white HF - opinions on clear versus amber lenses? Thanks for any suggestions or recommendations.
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Does Honda even still sell them?

You can go with either all amber of OEM clear.
I have amber lenses (obviously aftermarket), had them in for almost a year and no problems. Mine fit just like OEM.

If you want OEM, search the classifieds or check local salvage yards.
I got new ones from Honda a year ago.
Charles said:
I got new ones from Honda a year ago.
Hmm, didn't know you could still purchase them from the dealer.

How much did they set you back?
Don't remember. I bought it with several new items including corners after I wrecked my front end. Stuff is getting very hard to come by. I could not order carpet, driver's door panel, lock set, or side protectors last week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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