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So, I think I have a leak in my fuel system somewhere.

I can park the car at night and come back in the morning and the fuel gauge is noticeably lower (like a 16th to an 8th of a tank :shock: ). I don't normally smell gasoline, but I have noticed that when it's rainy, like today, I can definitely catch a gas scent. I figure it's most likely a slow leak from the tank, or possibly a connection at the tank. Anybody ever seen anything like this before? I've checked for wet spots under the car and don't seem to be able to find any, but then gas evaporates so fast maybe I wouldn't see it. Also, there is quite a bit of rust at the bottom of the fuel door, like on the body of the car below the fuel filler. It seems like the filler neck is fine, the rust doesn't quite get that high, just the sheet metal below it, so I don't think I'm venting gas there, and I really don't think it would evaporate that fast from an opening that small anyways. I'll post some pics this afternoon cause I don't think I'm describing it well.

I'm thinking I can 1) replace the tank and fix the rust around the fuel filler neck and on the rear quarter, or 2) I could remove the tank, blank out the fuel door, and install a fuel cell and a new fuel pump. I know option 2 would be more expensive, but it would make fixing the rust simpler, I could delete the tank under the car and run a straight exhaust path instead of curving around the tank, and I could go ahead and upgrade the pump to accommodate the K swap I plan on doing in the next year or so. What do you guys think? Would the cell make the car reek of gas? Is it street legal? What problems would you foresee? Thanks!
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