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Fulblown Motorsports Online Webstore

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Ok guys here's the deal! I work for my buddy who runs Fulblown Motorsports and DJ Auto Imports. We're just starting up , and I only have a few items uploaded so far. I am able to offer 5% off for members of this site, it's not much I know, but prices are already much lower than in-store.

What I need from you guys is suggestions and ideas of products you'd like to see on the site.

Thanks for looking!

Jeff :D
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No one has any suggestions???

I just ordered a Carbon Fibre hood and hatch for my SiR, and will be adding them to the webstore shortly.
I was looking around a bit. Looks like there's still a lot of stuff to be added (at least for the CRX). And I guess all the prices are in Canadian right?
Yes, theres a link at the bottom right to convert prices to US Dollars...
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