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I know this isn't anything too overly 'amazing' or anything, but i know that everyone likes pics, and likes seeing what projects other people are doing... so here's a neat one for y'all ;)

Well, this last weekend i had a fun adventure :) This is kinda like "back to the basics" day... haha! Its been a long time since i've done a hardcore driveway swap :p Kevin (IceyCRX) has a CRX with a B18C, and a Jackson Supercharger... runs like stink! :) He found another VERY nice CRX, and wanted to swap the supercharged motor into it, and swap the single cam Y8 from the new CRX into the old CRX... sounded like a LOT of fun to me 8)

Heres the thing... we needed to do the swap fast, because the car is his roomates daily driver, so he needed to get to and from work. Also, we were going to do the swap at his house... this is where the 'back to the basics' thing comes in. No power tools, no air tools, just hand tools... and most of the swap was done in the sun in the driveway... Coooooooooool :p

Ok, so first off, the cars we are working with here, are a y49 with a y8 swap in it... the black crx has the B18C with the supercharger. The first order of business, was to pull the motor out of the yellow car, and prep it for the swap into the black CRX. Unfortunately, i was slacking in the picture department on this one... lol! I got there that afternoon, and we started working on it at night. I think we started at about 6 or 7, and it was out by 9... not too bad :p

Next order of business was to get the black CRX, which finally showed up in the evening when Kevins roomate got off of work.

Then we all got lazy, and decided to call it a night :p Oh well.

The next morning, it was time to pull the black CRX in, and back the yellow CRX out of the garage, and clean the engine bay up really really good... just a little bit of elbow grease can take a bay from this:

To this:

Next up, it was time to start getting the black CRX set up, and get the motor out of it... this is where all the fun begins :)

Obviously, both of these cars have already started swapping parts already, so they are not strangers to each other... so thankfully the introductions were short :p

So anyway, work begins:

Yea, it works fine in a pinch ;)

And finally, the motor is released!

The motor chilling on the floor:

Well, with that out, we called it another night... According to the camera, this night was from 7:00pm to 9:15... again, a short work-night.. heh.

The next morning, we woke up and found our way out to work on the car by about 11:30 am... and saw this:

So, it was time to now swap in the single cam into the black car! yAy!

Kevin began prepping the Y8 for installation:

Shes ready for swappage:

So we worked, and worked, and almost exactly one hour later, its in:

With a little bit more work, plugging things back in, doing the OBD1 wiring, and getting the motor ready to run, we wind up here:

By 3:20pm, this is where we were... its running and ready to rumble... just had to go to the store, and get some misc items, coolant, alt belt, and some "fun" things :p

So, after messing around for a while, and wasting more time, we finished assembling things, and getting them ready... bumper is on, wheels/tires are on, and its running great! :)

Of course, whats a swap without a little fun! :)

Since me and Kevin did most of the work on this setup, we thought it would be fitting to make Kevins roomate have a LITTLE bit of embarassment while driving this car until the yellow car is finished... :lol:

SO, Kevin bought a kickass window sticker:

A fancy-shmancy steering wheel cover (pimpness!) :

And of course something fitting of his new motor:

Kevin also decided it'd be funny to paint the brake calipers bright orange... you know, for fun :p

So anyway...... there ya go... a total of about 8 hours of work on 1 1/2 swaps, with no power tools, using all basic hand tools... not bad :) It was a ton of fun. Next weekend, the Supercharged B18C should be going back into the yellow car all nice and clean.

Oh, and now for one last thing.... Kevins new Pod-Racer development project! We're going to build the lightest thing possible... using the exhaust as the chassis, this thing should weight under like 500lbs, with 500 hp or something stupid like that... hahaa! Here's Kevin 'test-driving' the monster:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Savage: Easy? lol... i wish :p The black car with the JRSC has run a 13.9 i think... not totally sure. Maybe Kevin will chime in with a more accurate time and power #

Bas: The purpose, is that the yellow chassis is nicer than the black chassis, and so he's going to keep the yellow car, and sell the black car. So, he wanted to take the bad-ass motor out of the black car, and put it into the yellow car, while at the same time, putting a good running motor back into the black car so it can still be driven, and sell for more than if it had no motor :)

krix: LoL.. It does seem that way.. hahaha!

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Save the y-49 buddy!
Cant wait to see more yellow tinted pics.:thumbsup:
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