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gauge cluster wiring

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Here are the pinouts for the 88-89 and the 90-91 cluster, this should help anyone wanting to swap clusters between cars. Remember that you also need the corresponding hood, as well as defroster, hazard, and dimmer switches.

88-89 Cluster

90-91 Cluster

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Thanks again for this.
Couple things I notice though. The places that say they are "unused" but have a wire there looked like they are used. On the 88-89 12 pin the #12 goes to the door ajar light, and on the 8pin one the #5 goes to one of the screws/terminals of the speedo I believe (I didn't open up the cluster to investigate completly)
And the 90-91's simmilar. 8 pin # 2 goes to that same speedo place and on the 12 pin the #6 goes to the door ajar light.
This is from me following the wiring on the back of the clusters, not from testing the car harness or anything like that, so I'm not 100% on this.
I used this when I put a 91 cluster in an 89 Si, everything worked fine.
The yel/red wire that it says is not used is for the VSS to ecu wire. You kinda do need it. That is why when people swap a non crx cluster in they have to run VSS wires everywhere :lol:
good info
i needed that diagram really bad.

I've been driving with no gauge cluster and the beeping is getting annoying.

Anyone know if this diagram is the same for the HF?
thanks downest, its just not worth it for me since i need to buy extra stuff, thanks anyways tho
krix to bump a 1 year old topic! :)
jfish360 said:
krix to bump a 1 year old topic! :)
Yeah I had to clear up this whole "not used" wire issue :lol:
i need both wiring harnesses dont i? i cant just use the 90-91 wiring harness, cut the wires and use the same plug with the wires rearranged can i?
I dont really need the pinouts for a swap but i think my car has faulty wiring in the dash... i plugged a known working cluster in the car and nothing works on it... so i think the wires are fubar. The pins that go to the cluster power wire... i dont remember what it said exactly but it made me believe that the cluster had to have voltage to work. Anybody that has had experience troubleshooting wiring problems would be a great help to me.

Thanks guys
I didnt know that the cluster had a ground... which fuse is it and where is the ground located?
I mean all of your fuses in general. There are several grounds around the car. Under the dash, from the valve cover to the frame, trans to frame. A loose ground can cause all sorts of electrical problems.
SWEET! i've been looking everywhere for a diagram like this and this was the last place i looked, what a dork, i'm gonna give it a shot since i have a 91 dash harness and an 89 cluster, hope it works.
Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. So, do you just unplugged the 88-89 pins from the plug and plug it in to the 90-91 plug?
Thank you, thank you, thank you! :bounce: I just bought a 1989 CRX Si this weekend and the fuel gauge plus the tach meter were completely dead, along with a bunch of different sensors on the dash going crazy, turns out they put a 90' cluster connected to a 89 cluster harness, I was going crazy trying to troubleshoot the problem and now thanks to your post everything works fine again like it should!! :)b
need a little help, we put a cluster from a 90 dx into a 88hf and on the original 12 pin #8 in the car there was no wire there so where do we get our second switched power from ? also it appears most of the wires functions (in the 88hf) matched the pictures above, but the colors didn't match any ideas on that?
I would follow the pinout difference. swapping years you'd have to repin and modify the cluster to fit as well.
anyone with an 88hf had this problem, were still having problems. trying to check one wire at a time.
In you original post you stated tha you would need the coesponding defroster? Iam currently running the cluster out of a 2000 civic si and my rear defroster is not working? Do you think its due to the cluster?
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