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lessonsinspeed said:
ludesrv said:
JKG08 said:
looks good.......I need to wash my rex just covered in that horrible salt.....luckly it's gonna start to warm up this week so I'll be able to get her all cleaned off as well :D
Same. Above freezing this week (from -25C lol). The second it's above freezing my car is seeing about 20 minutes of pressure washing both body, and underbody.
cbp_crx said:
Your rex looks awsome. I think I am going to wash mine today, it finally got into the 40 degree weather.
Hmm, it's 70 degrees and sunny in Tucson. Has been for awhile...

... but at least you guys have longer dry off the car, right? :wink:
I envy your 70 degree weather lol. it has been in the low teens for the last few weeks, and we are finally getting a warm up, but I dont believe we are supposed to get any higher than 50
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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