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The rules here are simple:

- Respect the other community members.

- No swearing or vulgar behavior. Basically we'd like to keep the BS, locker-room language, high school attitudes, and such out of here.
(Base-line: if you hear it on prime-time television, then it's probably fine.)
(Updated March 2009)- The word censor is now optional. You can disable it in your profile. The majority of users keeps the filter on, so do not bypass the filter in any way.

- Please type in full words, no short-hand or "txt" type. we dnt nd ne of tht pls...

- No posting of questionable material. No porn, nudity, extremely violent content or anything that you wouldn't normally see on prime time TV. Definitely don't post your "kills" or street racing stories. Take it to the track and then share your experience.

- No "bumping" topics to the top. Posts must contain content.

- Keep things clean. Don't go crazy with the CAPS LOCK or tAlk LikE yoR n 1St grad.

- English only, please! We'd like as many people to be able to enjoy this forum and its posts as much as possible, and not everyone speaks French, German, Dutch, etc.

- Don't post advertisements for your site or any business site that you are associated with. This gets out of hand very fast. Feel free to put your website in your signature, but keep it simple. No images.

- Discussions about politics or religion aren't welcome here, since they always get out of hand.

* These rules can and probably will change without notice... it is your responsibility to keep 'up' on the rules, and to check this out on occasion to see if anything has changed. If you have any suggestions, feel free to voice your feedback.
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