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All Day...

In the college parking lot. With Fogs I found at the Junk Yard [RIP lol) :p

Center Console

Engine Bay.


Replace Gaskets on exterior quarter panels
Wet sand and refinish the paint
Get Honda Access Roof rack
Acquire a Honda Battery Blanket

Drive my local Honda Dealer crazy (LOL)
Replaced A/C climate control
Installed center arm rest
Set up tweeters in front and back
Replaced exhaust manifold gasket
Placed the battery from the back to the front
Reverted back to OE air intake.
Replaced Spark Plugs
Seafoamed the car
Replaced passengers side Head light
Replaced Corner lights
Replaced blinker lenses
Placed a "push" sticker on ignition
Applied timing belt sticker to timing belt cover
Replaced Garnish sticker
Oil Change
Oem shifter knob
New wipers
Get it SMOG'd
Valve Adjustment
Cabin Sound Deadened
Putting a decent sound system in it
Get OEM Si Rims
Get New Tires
Get an alignment
Replace driver's side door card
Replace driver's side axle
Restore and repaint trunk bay
Install Fog Lights
Replace PGM-FI sticker
Repaint valve cover
Repaint exhaust manifold heat shield
Replaced Rear wheel bearings
Replaced Rotors
Replaced Brake Pads
Leveled out my car
Changed my foot pedals out.
Install EDM "duck bill" spoiler
Replace Gaskets on exterior quarter panels
Installed UKDM cluster -150 mph-
Obtain driver's side CRX floor mat
Clutch Replacement
-Overall, Just a lot of small things-

I'll be posting more soon, thanks and comment away!

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I had to take a dual single din and cut it to a double din. Haha it works and looks just as well.

As for the stickers, yea haha the guy that had it before me never conditioned his interior with restoration products so it dried up and cracked. So, just slapped some spy stickers on it in he meantime while I searh for another.

Thanks guys for commenting, if you have any suggestions lemme know!

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Check your tail light gaskets as this is usually the culprit also make sure your sunroof drain tubes aren't plugged , as for the struts well they all leak a little there just be glad your in California and not the north west where it can rain everyday for a month straight

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Rex All Day said:
I found some leaking from the back. So i took all my interior pieces out to find that my struts are leaking water from the wheel well :( any suggestions?
Mine were coming in from the body welds on top of the car - search and you'll see the repairs / fixes for it.

Good luck
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