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German heating control fan unit OEM Honda CRX ED9 EE8 EF8 88-91

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Is this compatible for US bought 1990 CRX Si?
Thank you
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Yes, I am, thank you
Are you referring to the Hvac/climate control unit?
If it is the same as the US model and not the Auto climate control, then yes it should swap over as it will function the same.
What does the German model look like?
Thank you. It looks like the picture. The faceplate looks like my faceplate which is not broken. But the guts don't work. Thank you for your help with this


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To my knowledge, it should be the same as a US market panel. The only different hvac panel is the JDM one with the auto aircon that is the oddball, that will not work in all cars.
Thank you. I will pursue it.
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