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Very good explanation Tom. Wish I would have had this my first event.

downest said:
This one is important for a lot of us for some reason. Your muffler/exhaust must not be excessively loud. You know who you are!
I know for certain our chapter doesn't have this. Wish they did cuz some of those cars out there will make your ears bleed.

One thing I would add, is that like anything, the more practice you get, the better. Get as much seat time as you can and ride with someone experienced. Also have the experienced ride with you. If you're still not getting it, have the expert drive your car and see how much faster they are...take notes in your head on what they do and when. Autocross is really more about the driver than anything.

Oh, and the main thing...HAVE FUN. Competition is there, but the main thing is having fun...especially at the local level. Save the trash talk and find out what you can learn from everyone. Still nice to beat a 911 every once and a while though. :wink:
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