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Getting rid of swirl marks

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Hi there, I am getting ready to put my red hf on the road.. it was totaled and i bought it with a salvage certificate Well I was just getting it cleaned up and i broke out the buffer since it had been sitting around all winter and the paint was getting a little shabby.. I used my electric buffer with just some wax not compound ( it was not that bad) any way my hood was the victim of the dreaded swirl marks... How do i get rid of them... my friend suggested swirl remover and then so0me good hand waxing... help me out... reccomend a brand that works well that i can get around here. . . thanks

Chris ( i got a swirlie) :)
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You will need a random orbit buffer that spins at at least 5000 rpms. I would reccommend the Porter Cable 7424 Polisher.

We have tried a ton of products and most leave a haze behind.

3m makes a medium compound that sells for about $30+. That one is pretty popular.

We are in the midst of branding our own product for siwrl removal! It's not out yet but I hope it will be out in a few months. That will come with the correct pad. We will have a full explaination on the procedure on our web site in the next few weeks.

Bottom line with compounds is the abrasive. Most compunds have abrasives that run about $5 a pound. The abrasive in our product is $15 a pound. It fully breaks down when you are using it and it is very easy to remove.

Basically when you are using the product take your time. You want to put enough pressure on the buffer to crush the pad about halfway. When you have finished the section just rinse with clean water. The more times you go over the area the deeper you will "cut".

You will defintely need to wax the paint when you are done. Obviously buffing removes everything. Of course I am partial to Zymol. I would use Titanium or Carbon. Not matter what wax it with something.
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I also prefer 3M's products. I especially like their Microfinish. Had to use it on my brother's new vehicle the other day. It had real bad swirl marks all over. You can definately tell the person didn't know what they were doing with the buffer. But I took care of that with some Microfinish and Mothers wax.
Check out my web site. We have some examples of swirl removing. There is a link on the homepage.

You will not believe your eyes. The pictures were in no way altered.
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