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Good deal on GSR head?

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I picked this up today for $200

From a 96.
Slight surface rust on a couple things but nothing major.
Complete head almost complete intake (no injectors or rail) and the crapply painted valve cover.
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Wicked deal! Is that a VTEC head or not?
Hey shorte,
remember that favor I may have needed.. :wink: :lol:
a brotha could really use a nice GSR head.
JK bro nice find.(as long as theres no cracks in there.)
Hey if you ever decide that you dont wanna keep it call me.
jfrolang said:
What block are you putting it on?
I don't have one yet, I was wondering if I could slap it on a B16 block,
I'm sure I could find one pretty cheap. Anyone know if it's a direct bolt-on and/or any differenes between it and a B16 head (besides the cams and IAB intake) like chamber volume. I'd hate to have like 6 to 1 comperssion :roll:
iirc this should raise compression on the b16a...
crxgator said:
iirc this should raise compression on the b16a...
oooooh, cool. Acording to this it does

Now anyone got a shortblock they wanna sell cheap?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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