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Good morning east coast

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Well I woke up and I can't sleep... I realise that some of you are going to work on the east coast now... maybe coming home for some...

Anyway, good morning. (yeah I'm bored)
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I'm not east coast but I'm getting ready to go to bed finally. My sleep schedule is whacked.
we got about 4 inches of snow outside. i might call in...or drive the wifes car :twisted:
I'm at work right now. Not working of course, enjoying a bit of green tea and trying to wake up. The parking lot = fun with CRX.
MarkWilliamson said:
I'm in the mountain time zone and I just got home from work. I'll be hitting the rack just as the rest of the west gets up to start their day.
Nighthawk eh? Nice.

Yup I'm at work. Been here for...2 1/2 hours already. Currently doing nothing as I'm waiting for a machinist to load the new part to test more inserts on. Not the funnest job but I'm saving the company money.
Meh, my ass isnt out of bed till 8am....

But Im lucky if I make it back to bed by 1am...its 2am most of the time.
However I was off from the lodge today so I slept till about 11:30am.
Gota catch up on that sleep sometime lol...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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