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Ok, so a few friends and I went to Lincoln the other day, and we stopped by the local imprt auto salvage yard. We wanted to comb the yard, so we filled out our liability waivers, payed our 3 bucks, and went out into the yard.. Well, those waiver have all of our info on them, name, addy, phone etc.. and while we were in the yard.. the counter guys noticed that we were all from the Grand Island, Hastings area, and I think because I drove up in my 90 civic hatch, and I was asking the guy if they had any B-series engines etc around, their red-flag went up! Why? well, Ill get to that in a minute..

Ok so we are out scavenging the yard.. finding a few things here and there, minding our own business.. and when we blow an hour, its time to head back in, and pay for our goodies.. no big deal.. So up to the counter goes my friend to pay for his steering column, and out the door the rest of us go to wait for him. While we are chillin by the car, a Lincoln police officer pulls up. He goes inside, and we dont really think anything about it. About 10 minutes go by, and we are all wondering where our buddy was.. and just as soon as we said it.. here he comes out, escorted by the Lincoln cop.

Well, they are standing off to the side, and the officer is asking him questions, and getting his ID.. now we cant hear what is going on, and we are all wondering WTH??

Pretty soon the cop goes back inside, and our friend comes over.. so we are all asking him WTH was going on... :shock:

He tells us that the cop is going to come over and ask us all a bunch of questions, and that we cant leave.. but it has something to do with a stolen engine. :?

Ok great just what I need... I dont have ANYTHING hot on my car.. but I know this is going to be a hassle because I DO have a engine swap.

Ok so Ill try to make what happens next a bit shorter..

Turns out, that some kid from our area got ahold of somebodies credit card, and ordered himself a Type-R engine, picked it up, and dissappeared! :shock: and because I have a civic, and I happen to have the same FIRST name as said scumbag.. then I immediately became a suspect... :evil:

So I pop my hood, explain that I have a ZC engine that I bought from Nippon-Motors like 6 years ago, and that YES I do have a sales receipt (back in hastings) and after they jot down all my serial numbers and run them through to make sure that my engine wasnt the "Stolen one"

We were all free to go! :roll:

Then, on the way home.. one of my headlights went out.. so I dropped off all of my friends.. they all live in GI, and I head home to Hastings.. (20 miles south of GI)

well, before I get out of GI, I got pulled over by a Hall County sherriff for having a head light out.. no big deal.. not even a fix it ticket.. just.. "you have a headlight out.. get it fixed" and ..... Im free to go! :evil:

then, I got to Doniphan.. (halfway between GI and Hastings) there.. I get pulled over by a NE State Patrolman.. same thing.. "Headlights out.."
Again.. no ticket.. im free to go! :evil:

finally I get into Hastings... I stop at the local SUPER WAL_MART! to pick up a few items, and as im heading out of the parking lot.. Here comes the cherries AGAIN!!!! :twisted:

This time Hastings PD.. and Yup.. I have a Headlight out!!!! :twisted:

Again.. no ticket.. again.. Im free to go! :roll:

I should of just stayed in bed.....

So as you can see.. I had a pretty fun day dealing with our fine law officers!

I know they are doing their jobs.. and they were all really cool.. even the Lincoln Officer who thought I was the engine bandit!

But man!! I dealt with more law officers in just one day, then I have in the past 5 years!!!

So.. just some friendly advice for everyone with a SWAP.. keep your papers with you!! they might keep you out of trouble someday when you least expect it!!!



P. S. - Yes I have 2 new headlight installed!!!

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Man! That's insane! Good thing you kept your papers. I can't believe you got pulled over that many times for a headlight, in one day! Geez. Around here you don't get pulled over for the little stuff, unless you get far away from the city and suburbs.

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Wow! Did you tell any of the cops that you've had several cops before him tell you the same exact thingt? lol I don't know if I could handle that many po po's in one day.

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Mark Williamson said:
If it had been your credit card that got scammed, would you rather the cops just ignore a possible suspect or cause some guys a few minutes of bothersome questions?
Oh, don't get me wrong, I can certainly understand the "investigation" I don't hold it against them at all really... It just sucked that I was the one being "investigated" lol... I wasn't a jerk to the officer or anything, I answered every question, gladly popped my hood, pointed out the serial numbers, and I even gave the officer a "lesson" on Hondas, and what the different motors were, and how to read the engine codes etc.

Still.. regardless, it was a "Hassle" for me!

I dealt with it, and got on with my day...

the getting pulled over 3 times for the headlight thing, was just a tad ridiculous though..

But, you do make a good point, at least they have the time to stop me to check and see if Im a "bad guy".

Now, if StealthAZ had seen this thread, Im sure he would explain that the reason I got pulled over 3 seperate times, by 3 seperate units (hall county, state patrol, City of Hastings) was because they were "tracking my movements!!!!"



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MarkWilliamson said:
Tom, if your credit card got scammed, no Atlanta cops would show up at a u-pull-it parts place to investigate "possible" suspects. They're too busy will real suspects committing real crime.
Nope, I did not know that credit card fraud was a illegal. Deputy Mark Williamson said it wasn't a "real crime." Am I free to go now? :wink:
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