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Got my OBD1 conversion set-up working

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I must say, the car feels quite a bit quicker with the conversion. I was running a VAFC over my PM6 ECU for a while and then I sold the VAFC and just ran the PM6. I had my dizzy pretty far advanced to get the car to run half way decent. I am not convinced that the OBD0 dizzy lines up (using the top bolt slot) just like the OBD1 dizzy does.

I uploaded a stock D16Z6 map onto my ostrich and pluged it into a PO6 modded ECU and away I went. I'm running a wide band LC-1 too. I do not have VeeeTak hooked up yet because I am waiting on the VTEC male plugs. I may just ghetto fab something first off for the time being. I am getting a check engine light, so my guess is it is the VTEC oil temp signal not being sent to the ECU. If not...then I have some work to do.

I initially had some pinging with the dizzy slightly advanced in the higher RPMs so I dialed back the dizzy and now it is maybe a degree or two retarded without pinging. The car runs great so far. Now I need to set-up the data logging and get a good tune.

For all of you who are running mini-me set-ups, I highly recommend converting to OBD1. It was quite noticeable which was suprising. I am running around 12.1 compression so it might have really helped with the better fuel maps in the D16Z6, but then again I don't know how they compare to the PM6 maps. This is without VTEC too. So hopefully it'll bump things up a little more when I hook up VeeTak.
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Dren, what pistons are you using in there? a1?
hmmm, interesting. Aside from the compression ratio, a different style of piston top will change the flame propogation and heat transfer characteristics during combustion. Flat should be better for heat transfer; less surface area means less heat transfer out of the combustion chamber. I should look up in my IC engines bible about the effect of flat top versus dome for flame propogation.
Anyway, ya, I'm a tool.
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