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Got some new wires for my babies

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Well I finally replaced the original wires on both of my civics. I've been waiting for a good deal on some MSD wires to go with my MSD cap and coil on my Rex. Which isn't currently installed due to replacing the distributor a couple of months ago.

I ended up ordering them from Summit Racing for like $65 each.

Here are some pics of the wires installed.

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You paid $260 for a set of wires? :shock:

Are those 10mm wires, btw?

Nology has all colors, and even they are cheaper . . .
OMG DID THOSE ADD HP?! In my mind plug wires are more about durability (being able to pull them out without yanking them apart) than they are a performance piece. I'd never spend more than 30-40$ on a set of plug wires. My NGK wires work great.
I've heard OEM are the best you can get. I have a set waiting to be put on the Si.
OEMs are definitely nice. I'm sure the MSD ones are super nice as well. Probably won't have to change wires for a LONG time. :) Plus they're red and go w/ your car. NGKs are blue. OEM is just greyish/black.
I went with MSD wires because I already have the MSD Power Cap and SS Coil so I wanted everything to match. I was looking at the NGK Power wires but couldn't find them less than $100 a set. I read a review of different brand wires at TPR Magazine I think and the MSD's did very well against the competition.

Plus I *only* paid $130. I wasn't going to get them for my DD but I figured I can take them off and put them on the CRX once it gets its D16Y8 head.
Very nice. I'm looking to get a set for my rex. I will probably go with Accel wires because i'm trying to color match my engine. There the only ones besides a few crappy brands that make blue wires. Do you notice any improvement with them? HP or MPG?
NGKs are blue Tiersen! :) Scored mine on eBay for about 40$ (Z6 wires).
speaking of wires...i have some brand new in the box jackson racing d16a6 wires ill sell for $55 shipped...
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