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Got the camera! Pics added :)

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I'm looking to upgrade from my current Fujifilm S5100 with goodies, to a Canon EOS 350D.

However, I might need some hookups.
If anybody has some free time, and access to a shop with good deals, can you try to see if you can get a decent package deal on the body with the lense kit, a battery grip, 1GB card, and possibly a wide angle lense?

I have about 800-900 to spend.

Reaon I'm asking here, is that I hate ebay.
I don't mind buying car parts online...but I camera...hmm...dunno.
Ebay has a couple of nice package deals in my price range, but some stores have stuff cheaper sometimes.

Used camera body is welcome too, if you know any.
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a few days ago had the 350 for 580 or so shipped :shock:

keep checking slickdeals for coupon codes for dell. I paid 800 bucks for my 300d from circuit city last summer, i figured for 50-100 bucks more i'd much rather have a place and a real person i can yell at if something goes wrong :wink:
I see $900 package deals on ebay all the time.
But I don't really like ebay.
In this case, I know exactly what I'm looking for. That helps.
But with something so fragile...especially buying overseas. I want to be extra careful.

I'm gonna check out Dell...just for the fun of it.
I'll check out the stores on base for you. I'll see what they got. Sometimes good deals, but the no tax part is the best. :)


Every cloud...

To infinity...and beyond!

The good ol' days.


Cold steel.

Googley eyed.
Friend took this one with his fish-eyed 300D.
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I think it's dead :lol:

Nice detail though. Are you using a macro mode or manually focusing?
LOL Gross fish, nice shots!
Nice shots Bas. You're making me want to start shooting some pics!
maaaaan... I need a camera, lol
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