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This is my '88 Si project thread. From here on out I will be posting all updates in this thread. A couple of pics to start:
(As of Winter 2007)

Long Term Goals:
-Street Legal
-High 12s / Low 13s in the 1/4
-Decently reliable
-No fancy stuff (interior)

Current Engine Mods
-B18A1 swap (OBD0)
-New Valvetrain
-Block Bored and Resleeved .020" over
-Ebay Short Ram
-DC Sports Header
-Unknown Stainless Cat-back
-Ebay Short shifter (not short enough)

So I've fixed all the minor engine problems with my recently acquired $380 Si, which included:

-Bad wiring (no working tach)
-CEL because of Fuel System

The current engine problems that still persist:

-Ruined Piston rings (Burns 1 Quart oil per 2 Gallons of gas)
-Bad distributor (cuts out after it warms up from 30-45mins of driving)

Engine Plans
I have a set of new Type-R (11.8:1CR) pistons ready for some action but I still need some oversize rings (the block has been bored and sleeved .020" over) and rod bearings before I can tear her down for the swap. As soon as I get these last two items, its time to bust out the toolset and some CDs.

While the engine is on the backburner I have been working on fixing up the interior a bit. That is, tearing out the radio, and HVAC controls, then replacing them with aluminum panels. Next up is tearing up the carpet and getting rid of these $20 ricer racing seats. (I might have a deal on some stock Saturn Ion seats.) I'm still working on the center console right now, I am cutting out the extension from the dash that goes around the shifter, the center console will end directly underneath the cigarette lighter. Pics of the center console as it sits:

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HackAbuse said:
So I can just pick up that console, i dont need the entire dash, right?

If so that would be sick
You need the whole dash (look at the top vents).

If you live anywhere near me I can get you a black hatch dash for cheap. 88-89 or 90-91, honestly doesn't matter I can get both.
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