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Hello All,

My name is Mendel and I'm from Holland. I have been following this forum for a few months now and I very much like the atmosphere here :D

I have a great passion for the CRX. I first had a Rio Red EDM ED9 with a D16a9 engine. It really got me hooked, but it had seen a lot through it's life. I learned a lot form her though maintaining and making it better.

In October '05 I finally found the kind of CRX I was looking for, an EDM Flint Black Stock EE8 in great shape. I got it fairly cheep too, 3000 Euro's :) It was imported from Italy where the weather is a lot easier on the car. Our climate eats cars away in less than 15 years so it is nearly impossible to get a decent one here. Hence most decent examples are in good hands and will be keepers. The rest is already dead or doing it's last hard miles.

Plans with the car is to get it as good as is can be but keeping it as OEM as possible.

I made a little photo page here.

Some specs:

Construction year 9/92
Km's 141.000 or 87000 miles
Koni Yellow shocks with H&R Sport springs
OMP Front Strutbrace
New OEM/ES Bushings
B16a1 Engine
No rust and fully rust proofed
Kept nicely dry in garage and is used only on nice summer days :)

It's nice to see more and more CRX dedicated sites and forums like this good community!

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Thanks for the nice replies guys.

I have looked at your pictures of your road trip with Seti. I guess Seti is really serious about his hobby taking it even overseas! Makes me wanna do the same thing :) I've just returned form my first self-organised round trip through Mexico, which was great. Would have even been better driving a Rex :)

SETI20 said:
Yup, I think I saw that car once before you owned it. But I've definately seen pics of it before. It's the kind of car that even makes me jealous.

Please tell me you have a garage!
Where did you see it, Bas? You could only have seen in in Harderwijk just before I bought it off the guy who imported it form Italy. And yup, I keep it garaged. She has seen no more than 200 miles this year. I am still working on the car, but I have very little time at my hands at the mo'.

I still have to sort out the front suspension as it can't be driven across a speed bump any faster than 5 miles an hour without slamming the front cross member at it. My next try will be to add jounces (bumpstoppers) as per H&R instructions. I still haven't been able to figure out what came on a 1.6-VT as standard... keep getting mixed answers.
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