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handy dandy cheap autoX numbers

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Consumer Smart Magnetic Vent Covers seems to be the same flexible sign material that is so commonly used by Solo 2 competitors to make temporary car numbers. I found these at Home depot, and for $7.95 you get three 8" x 15 1/2" sheets of white material. Not dirt cheap but conveniently available.

The material shows it takes paint well so it can be spray painted to change the color and cuts easily with a utility knife or scissors.
I passed this info from a friend and thought I'd share.
Hope this helps someone out.
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I've been using the same stuff for my numbers. The only catch is it seems magnetically weaker than the magnetic stock you can get from places like SPS, and it likes to tear a bit more since it's thinner. So far, though, I haven't had anything fly off the car.
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Was looking at izoom graphics' site (advertised in GRM), and looks good. Thinking about permanent numbers, just to do it once and forget about it. Anyone have any experience, or can recommend anyone else?

Yes it's a minor thing, but if it can save me $50 from doing a second set somewhere else, I'm all in.
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I used iZoom numbers for a few years. They work fine and I never had one fall off at speed. But in pictures it always bugged me that I never quite got everything lined up right.

So for this year I went with 'permanent' vinyl numbers. I went to a vinyl guy with the idea of having numbers made in my own handwriting. I wrote them with a Sharpie a bunch of times, then went through and picked out what I thought were the best example. Scanned that sheet, fattened the stroke in Photoshop, and sent it to the vinyl guy who worked his magic.

Now this car doesn't get a ton of street miles, but I do take it to work and back plus some other around-town duty. You can't get away with anything in a car with numbers on the doors. But vinyl numbers certainly is the easy button, I have no regrets.
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Old thread bump answer thank you! :D

Sounds like you're about as anal as I am about things lining up. :bounce: izoom does have an option to get the vinyl #s in an oval (I would need three #s, so wouldn't be able to get a round background) that would solve that problem.

Oh well - tranny's in the dumps, so probably not going to race it until after a rebuild early next year.

Thanks again. Nice Miata! Looking forward to the new version coming up.
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