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Happy Birthday!!!

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Today is the one-year birthday of this forum! We have almost 12,500 posts, 299 users, and growing steadily. Thanks to all of you, the site is a success.

I handed out a couple of cards today when I went to get my tires rotated and balanced this morning. One of the tech's said he loved my car as I was about to get in and drive away. And he asked about the Community sticker on my window. I went over to talk to him and asked if he was into CRX's. He said he has one, and so I gave him a few cards and told him about the site. He'll be joining later (maybe our 300th user).

Thanks again to everybody for making it a great first year. You all rock!
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Woo Hoo!

Congrats Tom!

There is a reason why i chose this board as my new 'home on the web' of sorts, and i think that for those same reasons, this board will coninue to flourish.

Happy B-Day Community!
woot woot, i was wondering win the big 1 year would be coming around

Happy Birthday to us!!! :D
YAY! Go *US* go! :D Happy Birthday! :D
where are the presents? pm me for my address :lol:


:Raises glass:
happy birthday to us...happy birthday to us..happy biiiirrrrthdayyyy dear communityyyyyy...happy birthday to us! :D
<Joins Ollie in song and glass>
Still stonger every day :D

Our family celebrated my dad's 75th birthday today as well!
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