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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying thier turkey and football today :p
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Wiring some stuff in the CRX and enjoying some microbrew...
talking to Tom on AIM whil emy family eats pie. Preparig to load my Grandma back into the STi and cruise back towards home.

yay for cool grandmas

[email protected]
I drove my grandmother for Xmas last year in the CRX... she needed a little help getting in/out but liked the ride because it's "like a british car". No, nothing broke during the ride.
Went out and started the rex for the first time in 4 months. . . it was nice to be out in the garage... took a few pics and hung out with my dad. getting ready to eat some good turkey with mom and dad here shortly. . . just took it out of the oven.. . . the house smells SOOOO Good....

Have a good one guys! I had my dinner last night because we were going to the Magical Kingdom today.
Saw my CRX for the first time in a few months today. Electrical problems, sigh. Turkey was great, and my dad got an HDTV finally, so watching football in HD is magnificent.
Just got home from the grams house. Im stuffed. Would go work on the cars but its pouring rain here. Damn weather. Hope everyone had a safe turkey day and good luck with shopping tomorrow.

The Thanksgiving song
MarkWilliamson said:
I slept until 6:00 pm, then ate a peanut butter sandwich and went to work.

Of course, I made double-time and a half, so I'm not complaining! :D
Damn you beat me... I had a couple bowls of corn flakes and a grilled cheese sandwich (made sans butter since I didn't have any).
Got back from Indy last night, so belated Turkey day wishes to all.

The trip was great this year. We stayed with cousins who just got a german shepard puppy, and I played so much football my arm is swollen. Oh, and I also gained about 10lbs out there.

I didn't have internet access so I couldn't meet up with any of the Indy guys, but next year I plan on driving out, so it will be easier to get around.
I just watched my favorite team lose again as usual. (Man I dont know why I like the Lions) :(
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