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harness bar in a 90 crx

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hey i was wondering if this is even possible given the fact that the seat belts are on the door. the only reason i'm considering this right know is because my driver side door is pretty jacked up. the only doors i can get a hold of are edm spec (yes i'm in the u.K. right now). according to the guy i might be getting them from says that the crx over here never had the belts in the door. so either i use part of the skin of the donor door to fix mine or i swap the door and install some harness. i was looking at Schroth's Rallye 3 ASM but since i don't think i have any where to tie it two in the back i was considering the harness bar to install them.
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im not a 100% sure but i think you can change from door mounted belts to pillar mounted belts. someone should be able to verify it.
You can do it, but the nut that is welded on the back side of the pillar is not there on cars with door mounted belts. It's a royal pain to weld in a nut in that location because you first have to cut out the sheet metal, weld the nut on it, and then weld the sheet metal back in place.
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