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Does anyone know if this bar will fit the '88 CRX? The add claims it fits '88-'91 CRX's, but I can only guess that it would only fit the '88. The pictures they show are of a Del Sol though. Here is a link to the Ebay add: ... dZViewItem
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Why would it only fit the '88?

Good job on the sellers part, advertiseing it for the 88-91 Crx, but showing it in a Del Sol. :?
Because it mounts to the upper seat belt location inside the car. The '89-'91 CRX's have the upper mount on the door itself. I would imagine it would be a little difficult to open the door when it is bolted to the other door and then to the floor.
Looks like the CorSport one, it is only for the 88 as listed on their site
Applications Include:
02-05 Honda Civic Hatch
92-95 Honda Civic
96-00 Honda Civic
88 Honda Civic Hatch & CRX
90-01 Acura Integra
03+ Subaru WRX
93+ Subaru Impreza ... cts_id=319
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what an absolutely horrifying way to mounting those belts!

OMIGOD, the EBAY pic is the WORST! but BOTH stink!
You have to watch which angle the harness bar puts the shoulder belts. I forget what angle it is but there is a specific angle range that you want the belts to come from the back of the seat to the point that they mount. Without that angle you are at a higher risk of being hurt in the case of an accident. I say this because the picture of the above harness bar( I don't know if it is adjustable) make the shoulder belts go up to wrap around the bar, which would not give you that shoulder belt angle that you are supposed to have when mounting your belts.
Check out the Fabrication link on

Maybe you can contact them for some details on their harness bar.
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