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harness bar

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anyone know of a good bolt in harness bar?
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Sparco is about the only one i know of that i'd trust... HOWEVER... that is a really dangerous thing to do, because of the car were to roll, and have the roof cave in, the harness would not let you bend out of the way... you'd then have to forever be referrd to as 'flat head'... then everyone would laugh and poke fun at you and make you eat clay.

Thats the worst!

:lol: but seriously, it IS dangerous to a certain point. It would be better if you at least installed a roll hoop... that would include the welded-in harness bar, and two down-bars to the back of the car for support. That way the roll hoop would be properly supported, and it would protect you if/when you roll.
yeah i know..but ill need something in the car until i get the roll cage put in, since im using the SiR doors with no seat belts..and the DX shell with no pillar mounts. so ill take my chances and hope i dont roll it on the highway while wearing the harnesses.

i didnt think that sparco had a crx harness bar unless the EG bar fits.
back from the deadddddddddddddddddddd
I use a strut tower brace for the shoulder straps.
that doesnt sound safe..i thought you only have 10 degrees of play from the top of your this

other than that your going to have a real issue with spinal injuries in a roll or pretty bad accident. Just going by what ive been told.

Simpson racing is also a very well known name

from there website

Anchor shoulder straps at point zero to 10 degrees below the top of the shoulder. Note: Preferred mount is as close to shoulder as possible.

Shoulder Harness Adjusters should be located in line with the bottom of the sternum (lower chest area).

During adjustment of the belts, make sure that webbing enters and exits straight and in-line with all adjusters and mounting hardware.


go here for more awesome info on mouting etc ... -brackets/
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Also, a strut tower brace is made to keep the strut tops from moving inward or outward. It is not designed to have something pull forward in the middle of it.

It might be OK, or it might not.... I don't think I would want to find out if it were in the "not" category.

Is Anyone using a harness bar right now...the ones off ebay look very tempting
i came really close to clickin on buy now the one off ebay but i wanted to look around litt lol
dam you!
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