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Hatch cable

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How do you tighten the cable up for the trunk/hatch? Mine barely has any tension, sometimes it gets stuck on the carpet even and will stay open. I assumed it was a carpet problem, but I was driving the HF today and it's got some decent spring to it, I assume it can be fixed?
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I don't beleive you can tighten it, but i could be wrong.
Same thing just happend to my hood release, seems like the cable has stretched.
I can't open my hood and had to order a new hood release cable from Honda.
djhankb said:
ya same with my hood.. it stretches out...
i eventually ordered a new one from honda. the hood cable was relatively easy to install.
Picked up the new hood release cable today and i'll put it in this weekend hopefully..
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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