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ok this morning i took my head off and fixed the head gasket!!!
:D :twisted: :lol:

so come to find out that i got the wrong head gasket in the first place got sent the wrong one. :oops:

when i took off my head i was suprised to find out that my pistons were pretty clean i didnt know what to expect i figured all oily and nasty looking since i was leaking oil like no other. :p

ok now i put it all back together and started it up then i found out that i have a/some injectors sticking because i am smoking black, whitch black is fuel problem right???????????

i was told by my dad that it was atleast dont know.
but i used the stock gasket, not oem but just stock composite gasket.. just somthing for now till i get my other Zc built that i want to go all motor with....

now dose any body know any sites that i can order Zc parts for. i am looking for
-cam gears 5 way adjustable
-valve springs
-arp head studs
-arp rod studs
-decent set of rods
-acl race bearings

if any body know any better parts that i can use just let me know!!
i am new at all motor applications never did it before

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i want pistons too but i dont know what type to get. i have every thing else decided on. but i just dont know what type of pistons.....

and how do you do the b18 ls valve train swap.... is that even possible.. im getting my head ported and polished with all that crap in it...

my plans on the head is
-port and polish
-1 mm over sized valves (if possible stainless)
-titanium retainers
-port match

-either crower or eagle rods
-arp rod bolts
-some type of pistons (have no clue where to look or even start)
-bored .010 or .020 over

but with all of this of course
AEM fuel rail
AEM fuel pressure regulator
maybe RC 450cc injectors
AEM full cold air
skunk2 intake manifold
DC sports header
greddy cat back 2.5in
9mm plug wires
good set of plugs
MSD ignition system (maybe)or do i have to have it)
ACT stage 2 clutch kit
8 lb flywheel
unorthodox or AEM under drive pulleys

if there is any thing else that i will be needing please let me know!!!!

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overkill yeah, but since they are all hte same price what does it matter. always overshoot injectors.

what are you going to use for engine management?

That motor is going ot cost you thousands of dollars to build.....what is your power goal for it?

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truthfully i am not sure!! i have not got that far into the build yet. all i have is the block and the head so far.
what is a good engine managment

and i have no clue, i am just going to build it and trailor it over to humble or extreme autosports and dyno tune it, its 60 dollars for 3 pulls extreme is the only dyno tuner in tulsa, ok that has there dyno payed off that is why its so cheap or atleast that is cheap to me

what do you think that i could get out of a built Zc

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If I were building an all motor ZC, I would first sit down and determine a power goal or at least what I was planning on using it for.

Then I would figure out what I needed to do to get it to that power level, and what Im going to need in the fueling and engine management department.

so if you are trying to get say, 170 whp, then you dont even need to upgrade anything on your fuel or ignition system. You dont need a fuel rail, or pressure regulator, or injectors. You need a normal set of NGK BKR6 or 7's and a good set of stock wires.

you could use a chipped ecu and tune with turboedit of you or obd0, or crome/uberdata/neptune if you are obd1.

Im guessing that this dyno is an inertie order to tune your car safely and easily on it, it has to be able to hold you at certain rpm points. I suaully suggest using a dynapack dyno for tuning.

are you going to be assembling all this yourself? If you don thave a background in motor building then you may want to find some help, as theres alot more to it then just installing all these parts.

good luck

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yeah, i see, and yes i have done motor building before i built my motor that is in my car now and its running strong still. its just a dohc zc. same as the motor i pulled out with a knocking rod. i know how to build a motor and i will have a friend help me just to make sure i am doing every thing i just have built stalk motors not any thing after market becides stage 2 flywheel and ngk plugs and wires and dizzy advance that is the only thing that i have done really becides full cold air and cat back aerospeed exhaust.

but yeah i have plenty of help and i know how to do it for the most part the only thing that i dont know how to do is adjusting valves which i have a buddy that will do that for me!!!

and i guess who ever said do that b18 valve train swap stuff i guess ill look into that not sure what has to be done but ill look into it. what gains will i get out of doing that
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