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Can someone please tell me how to change my headlights, not the bulbs but the actual housing, i finally got a pair of oem lights to switch off the aftermarket ones that came with the car when i bought it
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Take your bumper off. There are four bolts I believe. Two on top, two on the bottom.

SOmeone correct me if i'm wrong, it's been a few years.
Neil said:
Take your bumper off. There are four bolts I believe. Two on top, two on the bottom.

SOmeone correct me if i'm wrong, it's been a few years.
If i'm not mistaken the bumper doesn't need to go anywhere...

theres 2 bolts on top of the headlights that bolts them in, i believe those are all thats required to take off the headlights (and the corner being taken off prior to that, depending on 88-89 or 90-91 it'll either be 2 bolts on the outside or 1 bolt off the actual headlight itself respectivly)

Someone confirm this information please...
how do i take off the bumper? sorry i'm newb to cars
2 M6 bolts holding the under side of the bumper in place. (big plastic tab)
On inside of wheel well there are 2 screws per side, take those out.
Take out the indicators (unscrew outside screws and wiggle out assy)
You will see 4 big bolts. Remove those.

You can now take off the bumper, one side at a time.
ah, i learned something new! (or relearned something i knew?)
no offence but i think you should buy a service manual
or download it like the rest of us cheap bastards did :p
phew took me around 2 hours, but i figured it out thanks guys
now that i have the headlights installed and my new HID's put on, do i have to do anything, my friend told me i had to adjust the lights with some switch by parking my car against a wall on a flat surface so i could see, does anyone know where this switch is? or what else i need to do
1:Slap your friend for giving bad advice.
2:Look at the top of your headlamp.There's a long silver fine thread screw.
Adjusting that will give you vertical(up/down) changes.

He is partly right about "How to adjust them"
Park about 5 to 8 feet from a wall on level ground.Try and do this around dusk as the daylight makes it hard to see the beams.Using a phillips head driver adjust the height so that the beam is almost just under level with your frt lamp height.Careful on how high you adjust the lamps as blinding oncoming traffic can be dangerous. :lol:

on my 91 crx the bumper has to come off to change the head lights, the head lights should fit in the housing you just have to unscrew a couple screw i think the just replace the light im pretty sure thats all i had to do but it was a couple mounths ago so i may be wrong
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