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hehe :)

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guess who might be getting a 91 si within the next week or so :)

yeah me :) i found one in LA with minor body damage 171,000 and so so interior for $800 and my sister is looking for a car so if it all works out the way i hope im going to get the SI and she is going to get my HF. im soo excited i hope it all works out i want an SI soo bad
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Congrats man. What condition is it in. Even if has some minor problems, 800 is a steal.
i have to go look at it tomarrow but it looks like minor damage on the drivers side door, the normal wear and tear on the interior. it looks like it has 15 inch rota slipstreams on it, short shifter, and intake. the guy says it runs good but i should have more info tomarrow night.

okay im just going to post a link to the ad but hey i got dibs so yeah if im not interested i will pass it on with whatever info i got
Im flyimg out tonight to pick it up.......j/k.
well.. went, looked and decided not to pick it up... and reasons.. the interior was worse off than i could tell from the pictures, the exterior was worse than i saw in the pictures, it seemed to have a seaping head gasket, it didnt have license plates cuz the guy bought it from a tow yard auction, the windshield was cracked, im pretty sure it was an SI it had a sunroof.. kinda more like it factory one was removed and someone rigged a piece of plexi in place and sealed with silicon, it was just way too rough for me... i wouldnt be able to afford it right now so if anyone else is interested i would say check it out.. but to tell the truth the condition was very empounded riced pushed hard street racer so the car was really used up.. and sry if im going on here i drove my current rex 200 miles today to check out this "dissapointment"
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