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Hello all

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I just want to say hello.

many of you know me from other crx and honda forums and whatnot. there are several other "tyson"s that own CRX's. just to be clear, i live in socal now, was in norcal, originally from md. (im not vancouver tyson). ive been around since the original crx resource (fif engineering, not the current "resource" i couldnt care less about)

just letting you know this site has piqued my interest as others have died down. many of you here i recognize and seems like theres still some good discussion going on.

for those of you who dont know me, ive been around crx's for the past 8 years or so. my post count here will start from zero like everyone elses. so ill respect my "noob" status regardless.

for those of you who do know me, and dont like me. too bad.

i just hope to gather the right information and share the right information and discuss.
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I hope you like the site as much as the rest of us. :)
Welcome Tyson! I've been waiting to see your name here, I figured you thought we weren't big enough (like HT where I've read and learned from a ton of your posts). You'll like it here, and I think you'll find generally more intelligent conversation than on HT.

Don't know you but welcome anyways! 8)
Welcome Tyson. Pics of car? I have no clue who you are lol. Tyson for HT? The mod?
The perf is getting kind boring, huh Tyson?

ludesrv said:
Welcome Tyson. Pics of car? I have no clue who you are lol. Tyson for HT? The mod?
All you need to know is that he knows his crap. :wink:
Yay, tyson is here........ :hail: .......big deal.
....ha ha, you're a noob! Just playin with you man, :welcome:
ha sweet, i think I lured him in with my inquiry about aluminum drum brakes.

thanks again dude!

[email protected]
welcome to the community!

yeah more knowledgeable people! :D
Hello Tyson, welcome to the community :welcome:
Hi Tyson! Welcome!!!!
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