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Man, what a road to get here...

Joined the CRX owners group first in 2000 or '01.
THAT didn't work out so well, as they took my $$ and forgot all about me...oh well, live and learn,eh?

Then the resource days, when it was the "cool" place to hang...then all the drama...bleh.
THEN over to Geoff's place, then the dread 404 message.

Now to here, lots of names I recognize, Azilito, Lyle, scramman, and composmo, jonny black, jfrolang and all the rest of you critters.

I just wanted to say HOWZIT!!?

I come on with a heavy heart, as I have to sell my CRX...poor finances and no money to finish the process have, regrettably, forced this action.

This is the second CRX for me and it wont be the last.

I hope you don't mind if I hang till I get another CRX.

I will put an ad in the For Sale area.
I know I wont get HALF of what I have spent, but hopefully enough to get an older civic or Teg to get back and forth with.

Well, howdy to the folks I've missed since cloudpumps site went down, and also to the folks that I've missed since being banned from the resource.

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Hey, Bas.
Nope, nothing wrong, I am still driving her everyday...just a short term money crunch.
And to complete the restoration of the body and interior would require more money then I could spare for awhile.

My wife's folks have given us a large chunk of land that we are going to build a house on, and THAT is gonna take alot of dough...after the dust settles from that, I can buy another CRX.
But for now, I need the little bit of money to pay for the survey and perk tests on the land.
Once I get that done, I can borrow the money to start construction of a 4 bedroom 3 bath house.
Man, I've wanted a big garage all my life.
I *may* not have to sell her, but that is kinda slim.
I really don't want to sell, as this is the funnest car to drive that I have ever owned. The B16 sure makes it! LOL
And, considering all the money I have spent so far...which I know I will never get back from selling.
But there is a chance I can afford to keep her...stay tuned.
Oh, howdy!

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SETI20 said:
All I heard was

D_Britt_57 said:
bla bla ba
bla bla bla
Lucky bastard...
That is the only reason I am buying a house. I told my agent I could really care less about the house...I just need a two car garage or at least enough room to build my own garage. Every thing else is secondary.

And by the way....Welcome....

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I can actually live in a garage. It would sorta be like a dream come true.

Told my girlfriend that all this fancy headboard, dresser, dining room set stuff is alot more than I need. Give me a single room with a toilet and stand-up shower in one corner, a microwave and mini fridge in another corner, a pillow, blankey, and futon in the third, my computer in the fourth and I"m good.

Hey Dave,

I'm not the one who banned you, It was John. :wink: No, mods didn't have the power to do that.

And no, you cannot hang out here til you find another CRX. This site is strictly for CRX enthusiasts who also own CRXes. :evil: Nah, just playing again, I'm down to my last rex myself.

Welcome aboard. Glad you found us bud.


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Welcome to the site. Just imagine parking 3 CRX's in that nice 3 car garage! Eventually, I plan to get a piece of property that has a separate shop with enough space to park at least 2 CRX's while I'm working on them. Ah yes...a man can dream... ;)

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So I'm a critter eh davey? :p :lol:
Glad you found this place!
Sorry to hear about your poor circumstances bro.
I hear ya on the whole garage thing.
I built my garage in 2000 and I'm glad I did!(Lumber prices have gone WAYYY up since Katrina)
My babies reside in a nice cozy 2.5 car setup.
Dream big mang!
I look forward to my next move.This one will move us out of suburbia! YEAH!
I'm looking at a parcel of 3+ acres a bit more out of the way.(Can you say pole barn!)WOOT!
wow I'm rambling......sorry....stay here and help us make this the greatest crx forum on the web!
Yeah I know this post is fragmented...its late and I'm nyeah! :lol:

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Welcome to the site... I have been here for a while and it is definatly my new home.... its nice to see all the old names and faces migrating here... this is going to be the number one crx site out there.... just wait and see....

welcom again. .


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Hey Dave,

I remember meeting you N9. I was one of two guys that drove up from Indiana in a silver second gen DX with a mini-me. Too bad about possibly giving up your CRX, but building a new house is as close to a good reason for selling as you can get :) Good luck with all that. Stick around, rex or no rex -- you'll like it here!

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Lyle, how could I forget you? :lol:, how was Motown while my Seahawks were getting Robbed?

Bob, I havnt been to the lift junkyard for about 18 mo, I doubt they still have it.
And we will be moving to Chichester, Bethel Twp. Just off 322 between 95 and Rt.1. Just across the line in PA.

This is the building system we will use:

I just couldnt pass up the energy savings, seeing as they just announced a ...gulp... 59% increase in power rates here in Delaware.
I figure that if I spend 135K I could have a 4 bedroom 3 bath with the magical 3 car garage and top of the line appliances.
The taxes will be a bit higher, but insurance on the cars and the savings on the commute will help.

Ryan, I could lie and say I remember you, but I bet the 1st thing I did was give you a beer :lol: , but since I was a *bit* fogged on those 2 days, please forgive me.
I met a BUNCH of cool folks at N9, Ollie was one (see Lyle, I didnt forget!) :p

I am trying to get a quick re-fi on our house, just to get over this hump.
So, maybe I can keep my CRX.
I saw a survey and perk test that was done on the land in 1992. Nothing came of that plan, but MAYBE I can use the reults now...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
That will save 2K.
By the end of the summer we should be in the house.

I DO miss my friend that used to live here that could have hooked me up with concrete (Jeez, Scramblerman, you could have moved AFTER I poured my basement :D :p )

Well, thanks for the welcome, and I hope you dont regret inviting me to stay, I'm a BAAAD man...(Just ask steve)LOL
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