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HELP 94 accord 2.3 SOHC vtec swap

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possible, I assume. I can get the motor with 160k miles, rebuilt at 100k for 150 cuz the kid bought the same exact motor with 30k miles on it, and he's dumpin money into that one and sellin the one he has. I figured it'd kick in a crx but I don't know anything about engine swaps.

Assuming its possible, I'd be a moron to not pick the motor up. It puts out 160hp, but I don't know about torque. I know stock crx si's kick with their around 100 hp, so I figured I'd like the 60 hp increase, but like I said, I don't know what components I would need and what modifying I would need.

Please help.

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I'm not sure how many people have gone that route Dave,but lets first start with the obvious mechanical snags ok?

Mounts:You going to fab em up? I know for a fact that hasport or anyone else does not make mounts for this swap.

Trans:Do you have one? I don't know if that accord motor will mount up to our D transmissions.
Obviously there are many more things to consider I'm just rambling off the couple that come to mind right now.

I'm not trying to be a nay sayer,but just want to point out the snags assiciated with doing what you are asking.

If it were me in your shoes I'd just off the engine and look for a swap thats more readily available.
If you do decide to do this please let us know what pitfalls you encounter.
Do you know the engine code? In the states at least, 94 accords were not available with a 2.3 putting out 160. The 94 Accord Ex had an F22B1, a 2.2 SOHC VTEC producing 145 hp.

I've been wrong before, but I'm pretty sure the engine you're describing doesn't exist, unless it's a modified (bored) engine with an estimated hp rating.

There are other engines that fit part of the criteria though:

F23A1 - 98-99 Acura 2.3CL, 2.3 SOHC VTEC, 150 hp
F23A4 - 98-02 Honda Accord Ex, 2.3 SOHC VTEC, 150 hp
F23A5 - 98-02 Honda Accord Dx, 2.3 SOHC VTEC, 135 hp
H23A1 - 92-96 Honda Prelude, 2.3 DOHC, 160 hp

All of these engines could have been swapped into that Accord, but none are really worth it for a CRX swap.
if its an f series than explicit speed kit will work iirc. I believe the H and F blocks are very similiar as far as mounts go. If youve never done a swap and dont know much about it than I wouldnt recomend it. Not only will you need custom parts you will need to make room for it to fit :lol:
I also think H and F motors share the same/have similar mounts. I don't believe a friend of mine with a 90 Accord needed mounts to install his H22 where the F20 sat.
It may fit in the mounts, but what about clearance? How do the dimensions and size compare to the H22?
UMM Bisi has the kit that will fit the F motor into the CRX and use the D series tranny. So its been done before go to Bisi's site for all the info. And you guys are moderators. :rolleyes1:


And also look on H-T there are at least 3 F series projects for EF/ED going on now.
as far as the engine code, I don't know. I thought he said 160 but theres also the good chance he said 150. As I said before, I've never done an engine swap so I wasn't sure about what all I'd need to do, and I wasn't positive about trannys, mounts, or if it'd even fit. I guess I'll look into this more, and if I do decide to go with it, then I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the input
daveb91 said:
And you guys are moderators. :rolleyes1:

Thats why we have you! :p

I don't claim to know it all and never will.
I had no idea that this swap even existed hence my previous comments.
heck we learn something new every day!
well theres the h2b that will work with a f series block and a b series trans. Like I said though, if he's never done a swap its going to be more than he expected more than likely. Plus I dont know if the bisi plate will need a custom hood like my H2B did.

Personally I wouldnt bother putting it in a crx. If your going to go through the hassle to do it, go BIG. H22 2.2 vtec 8) Same amount of work with a bigger payoff.

Either way H or F series here is a list of stuff that needs to be addressed.

Wiring Harness
Crank pulley
Front crossmember
Possibly a custom hood
Also depending on the way its done, shifter cables, axles, welding mounts. Heck even the radiator fan might stick out too far like my did on the h22. I had to go with a slim fan on the front of the radiator.

Then alot of the normal stuff for a swap.
Maintenance items ( plugs, wires etc..)
obd-1 conversion
depending one the motor possibly a chipped ecu. I didnt need one but for some reason mine didnt throw a code for the pesky egr :D
Switching to a electric vss from cable vss
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ollie said:
daveb91 said:
And you guys are moderators. :rolleyes1:

Thats why we have you! :p

I don't claim to know it all and never will.
I had no idea that this swap even existed hence my previous comments.
heck we learn something new every day!
Dont ever take anything i say personal! :lol:

Cool swap though
Naa I'm not mad..Like I said I learned something...keep educating me..
Pretend like you mounting an H22 and there you go, everything H22 swap related is the same for F22 swaps (note how H22 bolt in where F22s were using ALL f22 parts, same different here).
With the Bisi kit you use the d series tranny. Is that what H swaps use?
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