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Help a brother out!

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I have a POS Toyota Sienna with the documented sludge problem. Despite them cleaning the engine once already and me changing the oil regularly, it is sludged up again and burning oil. With research I have found several people that solved their sludge problem with Auto-RX.

For every 5 people who sign up for their forum (no purchase), I get a free bottle of their product. I am going to need several bottles. As I am underemployed right now I would appreciate it if you guys would sign up. It costs you nothing and would really help me out.

On the forum registration form, put Charles in the field for Forum Referrer:

I really appreciate it.
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I signed up for ya, sounds like an interested product...
It does sound like an interesting product. If it gets rid of the sludge I will be mighty impressed. I'll report back here.

Thanks everyone! Keep it up.
It has been done! :)
I signed up for ya! =P Hope everything works out for your sienna.... even though its not a honda =P
It's frustrating. If this doesn't fix things I will have to fight with Toyota to get the engine cleaned again. I wonder how much cleaning they actually did before.

Never buy a lease vehicle.
Now I would like to see a write up on how this product worked for you.

Oh, I'm signed up.
Wish I could remove the valve cover and take pics. But I would eff it up if I did. I just lost my radiator plug down in the bowels of my car and have to buy another. So I am not about to screw with the Toyota.
I signed up!
Good man!
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