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Sorry folks, it seems the linky was bad. Or I'm an idiot.
The latter is most likely.
I cant post the pix...but this is the thread title:

My CR-X SiR - *Reduced* £2500

75,000 miles, 12 months MOT, 6 months tax, new front tyres, imported 2003. Tanabe racing exhaust, mugen alloys

here's a brief description:

im selling my little beast soon. check out my gallery for pics. i'll be selling it through a friend in Devon so as soon as all the little touch-ups have been done i'll put a proper ad up. brief specs - 76k miles, tanabe racing medallion, mugen wheels and spoiler, slightly lowered, other than that, standard - no rust, perfect condition half leather seats, etc - i will be looking for around £3000.

just gauging interest at the mo, check out my gallery - ignore the white ww kitted rex, that died ages ago!!!



£2500 no offers

call me on 07761 082932

im in Bournemouth

cheers guys

89 Black SiR
Mugen bits,
WAS WILCO9000!!!

It is a sweet looking car...
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