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All 2nd gen Integras have cable transmissions, not just the 90-91s. A YS1 for example, is a 92-93 tranny. (There was no YS1 for 90-91)

Any B-series transmission will bolt up to any B-series engine, except for those pesky B20A/B21A Prelude parts. The problem with using a hydro tranny in a CRX is in the mount kits. They're apparently not designed properly, and the cable adapter components bind, resulting in extremely high pedal effort. At least that's how the Hasport kit is. With some modification, this can be corrected. I don't know exactly what's involved, but hopefully Matt Miner will lend his advice.

Once the clutch modulation difference is out of the way, the only difference in the hydro trannies vs. cable is the gearing. The axles you'll need are dependent on the intermediate shaft you have. There are plenty of choices for both long and short gearing whether you choose cable or hydro, and if you wanted you could put together a custom geared tranny using parts from others. (Just make sure you use all hydro parts for a hydro tranny, and all cable parts for a cable tranny) My point is, there's no substantiation to the claim that hydro trannies aren't good for speed. If you use a 94-01 GSR transmission, you'll have a tight geared setup good for acceleration, but not necessarily for highway cruising. An LS tranny would be the opposite.

BTW, a PM7 ECU is a poor choice to run a B18C1. Convert to OBD-1 and use a P72.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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