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Help! Engine hesitating!

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yep i decided to keep my crx and boost it. but i have a problem, when ever i give the car gas, sometimes at around 2k to 3k it hesitates and doesn't go, i have to give it more gas for it to return to normal. i checked the fuel line which was fine, i'm thinking it could be injectors or fuel pump? some please help me...
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How are the fuel filter and air filter? If they haven't been changed in a while, they could be the culprit.
i have a k&n filter i guess i can clean that out. yea i think i need to replace the fuel filter i'll see if that helps.
i think i changed it like in july. i'm not sure. i think it's fine tho actually, or is that too long?
Fuel filters usually last quite a while. I usually replace mine every couple of years. It could be pretty much anything in the fuel system that is causing this. Is your ECU throwing any codes?
how do i know? i'm not getting any engine check lights. but then again with all the wiring and stuff, i'm not sure if it even lights up.
There is a light on the front of the ECU (under the carpet on the passenger's the bottom of the firewall.) When you first turn the car to ON, the red light may blink a code. Count the number of blinks in each sequence and it will let you know what the problem could be. (if there is a code problem)
yea it's a pretty steady blink. about 1 sec between each blink. so i don't think thats it
If it's just one blink, that's a code. CODE 1 is for improper oxygen content. In my manual, it says that this is either cause by the Fuel Pressure regulator, or a bad O2 sensor. Does anyone have a link for a service manual that he can refer to? There's a nice trouble shooting chart in the manual for this problem.
If you have a multimeter, it might be worth checking the TPS as well.

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fixed :lol: stupid me, it was the fuel filter. thanks for the help guys!
I am having a similar problem in my car. It's fairly intermittent though: sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Also, it doesn't just hesitate, most of the time it starts to gargle and bounce around, like what you'd expect if you bunny hopped in first.. that kind of a response.. again to stop the jolting I just give it a fair bit more gas or just completely take my foot off... wonder if it's the filter too... speaking of which, what did you do to fix it?
He replaced the fuel filter. (I think...)
i have the same problem when i try to start the car i get a red light from the ecu and the car wont start could the ecu be bad
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