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I could see it going for $3,500 around this area pretty easily, depending upon the names on the parts. It is never a good sign when they say "racing springs" and no name of manufacture. Original shocks?

The front end looks good, and the rest of the car doesn't look to shabby either, although I'd like more pix to really comment on it. In any case, I'd pay $3,500 for it in that shape. Maybe $4,000 if everything is in really good shape and its not a "project car" still but actually a completed car.

Look it over top and down and:

1. Check the trunk underneath the carpet by the spare for rust / water damage.
2. Look very closely at both rear quarters, rust hides under the bumper before it creeps out frequently.
3. Shocks and springs - if there are aftermarket springs but original shocks guess what might be blown?
4. Wiring - is it hacked to ****? Does it look professional?
5. How does the swap run? Does it shake the whole car constantly?
6. If it has a sunroof (I don't remember sorry) make sure that works properly and looks good.
7. Check for bondo using the magnet trick.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.
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