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so im heading to work and all of a sudden i loose throttle response and the car starts to kinda hop or vibrate up and down so i pull off and the motor sounds like hell start pulling the wires and it didn't change the sounds if i pulled off the number 2 wire only it bogged down with any of the other ones then i investigate further and pulled the plug and started it and pistons moving fine forcing air out the hole and it has spark but i noticed there was no fuel smell for number 2 help im new to DPFI if any ones got any ideas or had this happen its my daily and now im with out car till i figure it out i though maybe the valves might be stuck closed but ......

ok ecu led codes are 1,3,15 i didnt notice any long blinks so thats all i have

oh 88 crx dx auto is what it having the problems
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