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zelfear said:
I am in the middle of putting together a 91 si i have a d16z6 soon to be turbo with the oem 5 spd tranny i wanna do it right but short on cash got any cheap web sites or companies for performance parts for everything from flywheels, clutches, batteries, brakes, tires, paint, turbo kits (got the turbo just need a complete kit and would really like to have a boost controllor before even running the turbo which is and oem eclipse turbo) dont need to build internals already done. so any help on saving money is greatly thanked.
You need to make a plan for the build, including what you want exactly, and what you can afford. Don't go buy cheap parts, you may save money now but you will definitely spend more later. Now, using quality junk yard or used (or at least brand name) parts off ebay is fine, just stay away from crap like SSAC. Check out the classifieds here and on other forums to get good used parts, there's a lot out there, and if you look around and wait you can get good deals on the stuff you need. Don't throw that turbo in without everything though, you don't want to find out that you need another oil line when you install it, or worse, blow your engine because you're running on a stock ECU.

You mentioned a lot of stuff, and it's really hard to tell you what's best. It's about your car, 12" rotors may not be what you need, but some people might think they are better. Give us some more details, maybe make a thread for each component so we can help you better. You might also want to browse around and see what everyone is running for their various setups (which all have different purposes) and see what meets your needs best.
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