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Help with price

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My Dad wrecked my car a few months ago, and I havent decided to try to sell as is and buy a Si or to try to fix it for my sister and buy a Si. If I were to sell it I dont know what to ask for it so here is some pics if ya'll could throw some prices at me.

He hit a lincon in my right headlight and messed up my head light, right fender, bumper, and hood.

The hood will not close all the way

Its a 91 DX, sorry I would have posted more pics but im still on 56k :frusty: but the rest of the car even interior is in good shape.
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I think the best thing you can do is get a couple estimates for repair and decide if it's worth fixing. I see a wrinkle in the unibody at that corner, it looks minor and repairable, but without seeing it in person it's impossible to know how extensive the damage is.
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