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here is my exhaust but i changed a few things

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ok i had a cherry bomb in place of where the straight peice is and i was just wondering if anyone knows of a good muffler that will fit in their ???
does magnaflow make one or flowmaster ?? i was having troubles finding one or should i just run straight ???

oh and i cleaned it all up and paint it with high heat black paint what cha think ???? and i still have to add the tips

this was a pain in th ass :lol: makeing those 90s right and the fileing jeez i thought it would never end

allso here are a few pics of my newer bike carbs and my manifold
im hoping these will work better then my other ones

There bigger newer and freshly rebuilt :wink:

ill have a cool update ina a day or 2 once i get my engine bolted up and the car back on the ground but i dont know if it will work

here is my idea,you see how the carbs are not filtered and do not have horns on them ??? well im going to take some exhaust pipe and make little runners to attach to each carb and then take another peice and wled it on, plug the other side and attach my CAI here is a pic of what i mean
or will the first carb get more air then the others ???
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K&N makes little mini-filters specifically for that application, they fit right on the end of the carbs. We used them on my friend's Eliminator (Ninja 600 engine) and they worked pretty well.
SETI20 said:
Is this going to be a track car?
no sir ,this puppy is going to be on the street ,i wish i could take it to the track when im done buit there isent a track any closer then 3 hours away

i assume you ask because of it being straight pipe ??? well i used to have the big ricer muffler coming out the rear but i think this way is alot cleaner ,i just really done want a cherry bomb glass pack on my car

in my opinon there a terrible mufflers and out here all you see them on are mustangs and jacked up hillbilly trucks

downest oh really are they a cone style or a element kind that looks like a box ???
id prefer the box kind since i dont really want 4 little dinks under the hood of my car :lol:
thanks for the info ill look around
They are sort of an oval-cone style, not a box. Search for them for the bike you got the carbs from.
well i ordered the filters ,but i made that thing anways lol check it out

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That looks like it'll be a pretty sweet set-up.
bubba said:
That looks like it'll be a pretty sweet set-up.
thanks i hope so :) i wont be super fast ,but it should be quicker lol i think once i get the fuel issues taken care of im going to get a bigger cam ,there is a stage 2 cam in it but i think im going to get the more agressive grind and go with the stage 3 ,you cant beat a honda that sounds like a v8 and a surgeing idel to the point that it wants to stall out lol

i love it
What engine is that? What kind of crx do u have? Sorry, I havent been on here long.
bubba said:
What engine is that? What kind of crx do u have? Sorry, I havent been on here long.
Looks to be a 1st gen CRX with the 12 valve 1.5L carbed engine.
Ok, I figured it was a 1st gen, but I dont know much bout them or their motors, I stick with the 2nd gen stuff.
yup i have a 1985 hf with a 87 si d15a3... um... cbr bike carbs, headman tourqe step header ,stage 2 cam ,7mm wires, now with 2 1/4 straight pipe with dual side exit ,lowered on eibach spring in the rear with turned torsion bolts up front (soon to be jackson racing spring in the rear)there in the mail :) brembo rotors and tokico (spelling ?)calipers from a hatchback ebay intake with tuned filter. ACT clutch and home made short shifter
(real i didnt just cut my stick lol)
im sure im forgeting stuff but whatever lol when i finally get it running ,i think ill have a fun daily driver with enough pep to get me up big hills
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