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Here ya go..

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1989 CRX SI, New red paint, 5spd, 16 inch FRD 8 Wheels (new white paint by Nu-Brite - Surrey BC), New Falken tires FK-451, New Tuned Exhaust, K&N forced induction system, Crystal tail lights, Pioneer Cd, MSD Coil.

Graphics to be added soon: 'Rips' down the side and hood - 'in white'
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The front driver tire is on backwards!

Otherwise... looking good. I like those wheels, they look good even though they are what is considered too big.
downest said:
The front driver tire is on backwards!

Jeeze Tom you have wayyyyy too much time to spend on the net dont you? :lol:
Good find though. :)b
Tail lights must go.
If you violate that nice paint with graphics I'm going to start a poll to ban you.

I'm not even kidding. It looks great the way it is.
it needs to be drop 1.75".
I second the notion for ditching the tail lights and the idea of adding graphics. Could be a classy car without those two.

Please don't disappoint me.
ollie said:
downest said:
The front driver tire is on backwards!

Jeeze Tom you have wayyyyy too much time to spend on the net dont you? :lol:
Good find though. :)b
Dude, it was seriously the first thing I noticed. I always see that and backwards 90-91 wheels!
I saw it too...only because I accidentally did the same thing. :oops:
1. the last pic is of the passenger rear wheel - it is on correctly
2. The taillights came with the car - I do not like them but I also do not like the plainess of the stock ones so now I am in limbo about them. Nobody I am sure is going to make L.E.D. lights for the back of the CRX - too old.
3. Yes I will add some white graphic to the white paint but not sure which - the car to my eye just does not look right with NO white on the car.
4. It has a pretty hard ride right now - could not imagine the car lowered and getting rougher in ride - but I would like the look of it dropped a bit.
I was talking about the front driver wheel...

You could try painting the clear lenses, I think there was a write up on that floating around somewhere.

You could lower slightly with a pro-kit or something, or get the Tokico Illuminas with their spring package, it's a slight lowering but almost stock rates, not too harsh. I actually think the ride height is fine looking because of the wheels, they fill it out very nicely, and the white looks good with the painted trim IMHO. Why is the ride harsh now? Do you have anything in it, or is it just because of the wheel/tire combo? You'll get used to it anyway, I almost don't notice mine, but at first it was a back-breaker. Also, good tire choice. A couple of my friends have run those and loved them, I'm a little surprised I don't see them that much.
Somebody has already put in harsh shocks.. mind you the handling is superb..

All the mods were done when I got it.. except for the wheel and tire pkg. That was done last week.
Remember that with graphics, you're gonna get uneven paint fade.
Red is the absolute worst for this. So....draw your own conclusions. Your graphics might very well be permanent.

The harsher ride could also be the skinny tires.
Downest is not talking about the last pic of the rear tire, he is talking about the front driver side tire. the tires have a directional tread, therefore the tire is on wrong because your going against the tread.

Look at the two pics posted.

The tails need to go, they are too flashy and just don't go with the car.

You could do this: ... ail+lights


you could contact a member on here, mithuth.
He has tossed around an idea for LED tail lights.
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Paint looks pretty good. I wouldve loves it if the trim was still black.

You definteley dont want to vinyl that thing all up, besides tha paint fade and all the stuff that goes with vinyl, it just isnt 1999 anymore.

Stock 90-91 tails would look wonderful on that car, but at least do something to turn down the bling bling of the current ones. that chrome stands out like whoah.

and toms right about your front tire.

but overall, i like it *thumbsup*

[email protected]
SETI20 said:
baker423 said:
Those tails are terrible.

Try this instead
Ehh, they're better than Altezza's.
But I liked the ones i made...... for about 3 days, then sold them to someone in Texas and I went back to stocks.

The all red ones are good looking though too.
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Nice clean ride. I like the white wheels.

Plus your car has helped me decide to paint the mirrors on mine red, but not the lower trim. Blech!!

Middle trim strip I'm still undecided on. Next purchase for you should be some mild lowering springs to go with your shocks.
baker423 said:
you could contact a member on here, mithuth.
He has tossed around an idea for LED tail lights.
I have to replace the dremel I smoked the other night and I'll have a DIY on these soon.
I'm still gathering some test pieces, so if anyone has some tail light harnesses and/or tail light housings laying around that I could chop up for some experimental components, that would be awesome. busted lenses, spare tail light harnesses (pig tails we call them at work), etc.... I'm not asking for free good parts. I just need something to start the project with before moving ot a quality product.

Oh, and to stay on tipic:

I like the car. I agree the body trim needs to remain black, but the red with white wheels is nice. Kinda reminds me of the Niagra meet car... I'm drawing a blank on the guys name. (I know, for shame!)
By the way the autocross guys also said that when they go out in the dry that with the tires on the front backwards it is supposed to give you better braking and handling - I am not sure if that is true.. but interesting - and in the wet u wipe out while braking..

Anyway - they just called me - had a new guy put them on and will fix the tires later this week
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