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hey peeps, newb here

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hey everyone.. names Jamie.. im out in sioux falls SD.. Im pickin myself up a rex here pretty soon, 86 si :) so Ill be around :)

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Welcome... don't forget to get us pics when you pick it up
There's a real real nice 1st gen project car for sale in the classifieds. Well worth checking out.
I'm kinda new here too, but nice to know I'm not the only rex nut in the upper midwest. Post details when you get your '86 ...
well Ill let u guys in on what i Know of it so far.. 200 bucks, it only needs a clutch and rear window...brand new carpeting, brand new leather seats, it has second gen angel eye projector headlights, and kind of a gay rattlecan spray job.. im going to fix that, im going to paint it matte black.. its the si so it has those 4 hole wheels, I've heard they are kinda rare so I'm going to see if I can find somone to trade me a diff set of wheels for them, as far as I have seen the body is strait.. a lil rust on the floor pans... but thats allright because this is going to be my track car :) my intent is to rebuild the motor and turbo it.. see where that gets me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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