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We got stefs motor partially disassembled today, as soon as the rebuild parts arrive we're pulling the D15 out and dropping in the A6. Now that we have nearly all the parts together, I'm trying to figure out what else we are going to need. Will the HF dizzy work on the A6? I figure they are both MPFI so it should all work together. Will the timing belt work? There should be a new one coming (did I ask you for one John? I don't remember), but the one currently on the HF is practically new, so we might keep it around. The U piece that holds the bitch pin on the Si tranny is snapped on one side, how do you pull it out, we'll pull the one from the Hf tranny and stick it on there. For now, we aren't replacing the HF exhaust beyond the header. Yes, I know it won't have a cat, for now. Will the Si header bolt up to the rear section of the HF exhaust, or will I need to fab something? I may just make my own exhaust for my car and give him mine, I have a new header to put on anyway, and I don't need a cat on my car.
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