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hf turbo mani adapter plate blueprints

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does anyone know where i could get the blueprints for the adapter plate for the hf mani bc i wanna turbo my car but i dont wanna spend 40 bucks to get an adapter plate when i can just make one in school for free.....
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I dont know if this helps,but I traced my turbo exh flange to paper and then traced my hf mani to a seperate piece of paper then combined the two(overlapped onto one another) and traced out the location.
I measured the tracings(bolt spacings and ID) with a mic,and took the draft to a local waterjet cutter.
I explained what I wanted and voila after $40 he had a nice cold rolled steel adaptor for me!
He even beveled the opening for me! :D
Hope that gives you another idea.
ya i was thinkin about doing something like that but i was wonderin if anyone had a site where they had the blueprints that i could just print out bring to my schools mettal shop adn just plasma cut out and then grind smooth but i might just have to do it that way...... that mean i have to build my turbo....... t3 50 trim... 0.48 housing...... t25 turbine 68....... t25 exxhaust housing 0.63.......low boost/quickspool
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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