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Hi people

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Just signed up and thought I'd say Hi.

From the UK, drive a SiR (mk2 of course) and am hoping to learn a little more about the engines you guys get as standard (just for own personal referance) and hoping even more to pick up some goodies from here that stores over there refuse to deliver overseas 8)

- James
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welcome to the community. Now we are pic whores here...and you have a real SiR. You do the math :wink:
lol ok, well heres a few:

This is it with the mugen bumper on (genuine) that I have now taken off and put back to stock. Have my own plans for a slightly differant look.

and heres pretty much how it looks now: (have removed front number plate and programmed fuel injection decals on door)

Quite standard, apart from exhaust system, in 1st pic it was a 5zigen that came with the car when I had it imported, that started blowing so I bought a Fujistsubo full system. The wheels are genuine Mugen mr5s, (optional extra when new in Japan) It has lightened flywheel to.
Coilovers sitting in my room ready to be fitted when the weather clears up a little, along with new bushes all round and hopefully a nice new LSD with a gearbox rebuild will be on the cards to before to much longer.

Talking of on the cards before to much longer, there will be a B20 bottom end going in before summer, and genuine mugen kit minus front bumper and spoiler.

Also hoping to pick up a carbon fibre password jdm front lip from somewhere here also to add a finishing touch :wink:
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so what are you doing with that mugen front bumper?
Well it was given to me by a friend as a thank you for lending him some money.

Ive actually given it back to him as I have no where to put it and didnt want it on the car anymore. Hes gonna give me skirts/door caps instead at a good price aswell as a rear bumper (I hope if he can find one)
That is super duper clean! Mmm Mmm good! Goos to see ya here!


You are taking off the Mugen kit...You've got issues! lol. The Mugen kit is the most coveted item in CRX land!

That is one clean car. Sounds like you have some nice plans for it.
DAAAAMN! Hella clean...welcome! Is that an Initial D emblem?
It looks a lot better with the stock front, it's kinda akward with just the Mugen bumper. But it's a sexy bumper none the less!
I like the bumper a lot when it doesnt have the sides and rear. I would love to just get the front bumper now.

thanks for the comments.

The window visors were a JDM accessory that came with the car.

Only part interior shots I have:



oh and this last one was taken before I sorted the spot of rust in the back:

will get more soon
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What are your harnesses attached to?!
that's a really nice rex you have. welcome to the community.
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