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oooh so the only way to get the crisp lighting is to buy the whole conversion kit?
i always thought you could just buy a different bulb.
can someone link me to a cheap kit on ebay?
by the way, not to sound like a noob but what does HID stand for? ;)
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H.I.D. = high intensity discharge, I believe
What are you looking for out of your lights. . .

you could just get some silverstars if you are looking for a whiter brighter light. . . im not bashing here But if you dont even know what HID stands for then you are probably not going to have much sucess retrofitting them into your crx.

Like i said above The silverstars by sylvania I believe are a nice upgrade form stock head light bulbs. a little more pricey but well worth it. We put a set in a friends vehicle And I was really impressed with them.
Ok this is a double post.Please continue your questions in the other HID thread you started sir.You dont need two posts with the same/similar question.
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